Blackstone Park 'n Shop
A New Look

Serving Since 1918
to a Familiar Face!

Fresh Meat


Our Butchers are committed to quality...
We take the extra step to hand cut and trim our meats to please our customers. When it comes to quality, freshness and selection, no one comes close to Park 'n Shop. We take pride in offering our customers the best cuts of beef, lamb, pork & poultry. Whether you're planning a romantic dinner for Surf & Turf for two, a holiday feast featuring a sumptuous turkey or a football playoff game party with steaks grilled to perfection...we can make your special meat requests a reality!
Our Deli has it all...Commitment to quality & personalized service!
Service in our Deli is personalized the old-fashioned way...we freshly slice your order to your specifications...our deli has a wide array of quality brands that you've come to trust over the years as well as our sumptuous in-store prepared meals.

Prepared Foods & More

Cheese Shop

Try ALl Our Prepared Entrees!
Fresh & hot...great for lunch or dinner! And, Don't forget our Fresh & Hot Rotisserie Chickens...they're sensational!
Plus...delicious hot and cold prepared meals and entrees! Our expert cooks do the cookin' and the results are delicious...Ready to take home and enjoy!

We're proud of our new deluxe Cheese Center.
We've searched the globe to bring you a wide variety of cheese for your enjoyment!

Fresh Salads, Hot Soups & Sandwiches... Ready to Go !

Frozen Food

Fresh and delicious!
These are the best words to describe our ready-to-go sandwiches, hot soups and salads...because they are...all the time! From our mouth-watering wraps & subs to our homestyle soups to our farmer's fresh salads...we have everything to delight you and your family!
Easier to Shop * Clean New Look
Our new Frozen Food Department offers selection second to none! Whether you're looking for a side dish for dinner tonight, or a tasty frozen treat to get you through the day, you'll easily find exactly what you want in our new expanded Frozen Food Department.



Bigger & Better Than Ever!
Our all New Bakery has everything you need from start to finish... From our famous muffins to perfect ending'll find it in our greatly expanded bakery department...bigger to serve you better!

And, don't forget our super Custom Decorated every imaginable theme!

New Look * Easier to Shop * Expanded Selection
Our all new Produce Department was designed to give you the feel of a Farmer's Marketplace...

You'll love our new expanded layout...bright modern the freshest produce imaginable from around the world!



New Design...More Variety
Our Dairy has a fresh new design that will offer you more variety! You'll find your favorite local and national brands in our new dairy department plus a great selection of our store brand products!

All New Look & Layout
You'll notice the all new layout in our Grocery Department...Our grocery aisles are loaded with a wide variety of national brands as well as our own store brand products...PLUS our new wider aisles and carpeted floors will make your shopping experience more comfortable and enjoyable!


We've Rolled out the Carpet......
and have created a totally new shopping experience!


Wall to wall carpeting for your comfort!





Expanded * Wider Variety
Our expanded refrigerated beer sectionis bigger and has a great variety! One stop shopping for all your entertaining needs is what you'll find at Blackstone Park 'n Shop!

Expanded * Wider Variety
Introducing our expanded variety and selection of Wines from around the world. You'll be amazed at what we've done...a great selection to fit every taste and budget, too!

Blackstone Park 'n Shop
2 Main Street
Blackstone, MA 01504
(508) 883-3708
(508) 883-1969 FAX
Chuck Pappas, Proprietor
Wayne 'Topper' Wood, Store Manager


Store Hours:
Monday - Saturday 7:30AM - 9:00PM
Sunday 8AM - 8PM

Blackstone Park 'n Shop is located at 2 Main St. in quaint Blackstone, MA. Adjacent to the historic Blackstone River and Canal, we are just a stone's throw from the Woonsocket town line, and easily reached from Routes 122, 126, 146A or 146.